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Columbia Hillen has enjoyed more than 12 years of senior managerial experience in the international media sector, both print and digital.

In the position of managing director of a company with an average annual turnover of 1.2 million Euro, Columbia controlled a staff of more than 30 full-time people producing specialized magazines, business newspapers and an overnight digital news service.

She has also planned and supervised more than 200 events including seminars, conferences and awards in a range of sectors such as banking, IT, real estate, investment, entrepreneurialism and corporate social responsibility. 

Academically, Columbia has completed postgraduate studies in digital marketing and project management in addition to her primary university degree in media and communication studies.

Columbia brings to her hobbies the same level of creativity she brings to her work, thus it should comes as little surprise that she is passionate about photography and cooking, both of which she has perfected in many countries as an avid traveller.

You can read more about here: Columbia Hillen

You can also surf through some of the websites Columbia has designed and maintains here: See for Yourself

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