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My belief is that ‘to create’ is our main reason of existence - be that you are a plumber, carpenter, painter, chef, restaurant owner or builder. There is always a creative side to your work and to you, so we can use the world of internet like an avenue to express our unique view of the world. Your unique way of embracing Life. And that is your business. 

We will offer you the support and guidance to use your creativity and business experience to maintain a blog about your business, to make the right changes to your website, to use social media to achieve quality objectives rather than quantity related ones. 

You’ve worked hard to build a reputation for your business / art / project and you are proud to talk about it when you meet someone. You should do the same in the digital world. A website is the digital business card you present to your potential clients/partners/buyers.


Sending your customers and clients to your Facebook page it’s fine, but it’s like seeing them in the street where you have a small chat.


Sending your customers and clients to your website means you want to talk serious business. 

The Center for the Imagination is a website design & content management service aimed at helping you use your creativity and experience to promote your business online. We will design a website that is right for your business, optimize it for mobile devises and for the search engines and offer you the support to update it whenever you want. We will also integrate a blog that you can update yourself.


In the same time, we promise to be there for you if you need additional support to maintain your website with SEO services and consulting on best ways to make it work for you.  

Why do you need a website? Here are some of the reasons:


  • It plays the role of an online brochure for over 2 billion people who use the internet.

  • Increases the perceived value of your business/project/hobby, giving you instant credibility and you are able to influence people’s decision in your line of work.

  • Runs 24/7 so information about your business is always available to your customers.

And if your answer is 'yes' to at least one of the following questions, let's talk. 


  • Have you had at least one thought about having your own website, for your business or project?

  • Has anyone asked you if you have a website?

  • Has anyone said to you ‘You should have a website/blog!’?

  • Have you ever visited a website and thought: ‘I wish I could have such a website for my business/project...’?

  • Has anyone mentioned to you they cannot see your website properly on a mobile devise?

I can design a professional website for your business, project or creative endeavor and I can help not only maintaining it while you are focusing on what you do best - developing your day-to-day business. I can also help you find a wide range of ways to create great posts for your social media and integrate them on your website. 


Joining my circle of partners you will be the first to find out about events near you, where practical workshops will give you inspiration for promoting your business online. JOIN NOW

Services offered:

  • Bespoke website design with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics, built so that you can update it yourself;

  • One-to-one workshops on content management and use of social media;

  • Website maintenance and solutions for mobile optimized websites;

  • Consulting services for choosing and purchasing a domain;

  • Consulting services and workshops for lead generation (process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into leads);

  • Website hosting consulting;

  • Social media consulting;

  • Consulting services for specific online promotional campaigns on Facebook and Google;

  • Search Engine Optimization services;

  • Developing a database of customers and consulting on best practices for newsletters and direct mailing;

  • Content management services;

  • Photographic services for illustrating websites and blogs - for examples of photos see my photography website, columbiahillenphotography.com

  • Analysis of the existing websites and ways to improve them;

  • Workshops and conferences for helping owners of small businesses make the most out of their digital presence.

Join me also for a series of events entitled ‘How to do business in the world of internet’ and tap into your imagination to create lively posts on social media. 

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